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Take control of your fitness and wellness journey

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Introducing our brand new Mum & Baby classes.

As a mum, it is so important to me that my daughter grows up in an environment where she can see and feel how positive being active can be, but I know how hard it can be as a mum to keep up with fitness whilst juggling a million other things!

Our brand new mum and baby classes are designed to get you moving, with simple follow along classes, I will be with you every step of the way.

Best of all they are specifically designed for you to be able to get your little one involved, and completed from the comfort of your own home - no childcare needed!

The release you’ll get from exercise will lift your day, your energy, and your spirits, helping you feel stronger and happier and making those day-to-day mum tasks feel that little bit easier!

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Achieve personal growth like never before

Even when it's grey outside there's blue beyond the clouds. Take control of your fitness, diet and happiness with Beyond.

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Welcome to Beyond

With in-app fitness guides, pilates classes and recipes as well as wellness features including a daily mood journal, weekly planner and self care audio library, Beyond is here to add bursts of happiness throughout your day and to boost your positivity and wellbeing!

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Life changing

Lozzer3747473737, May 23 2023

Best Workout Plans Ever

Ellie_B2, April 4 2023

I now love the gym

vjpjmo, January 2023

"Best Workout App To Date."

stephclegg1984_b.t.e.s.girl, 11/07/2022

Go Beyond fitness


I’m so excited to have Pilates in Beyond as I think it's so important to find a form of movement that you enjoy. Pilates can be such a great way to move your body, not only is it a workout and a great form of training in itself but it can really help compliment other forms of training. I can't wait for you guys to see the new classes that we have and I am over the moon to be introducing Katie as our new Pilates trainer! Katie originally trained as a professional dancer, but as she fell out of love with dancing, and found that some of her motivations were coming from the wrong places, through Pilates she rediscovered her love for fitness, and describes how this form of training helped heal her body both physically and in a deeper sense too.She has now been practising Pilates for over 10 years and teaching for 5, having undergone the 450 hour teacher training programme at Studio du Corps' in California, and is now here to help bring pilates to the beyond family!


Working out has helped me so much in my life, and so I started beyond as I wanted to share my training plans and what I have learned in the hope that it can help you too! In beyond you can find a whole range of different kinds of workouts, no matter your ability or experience! With over 10 different guides split by location and difficulty level, as well as a whole workout library, realtime classes and challenges there really is something for everyone!All my workouts are guaranteed to push you and have you feeling your best both physically and mentally, so download the app today and try one out for yourself!


It has always been so important to me and to beyond, that you look after your mental wellbeing as well as your physical wellbeing and that is why I am so excited to have our newest updates in the beyond app and to introduce you all to Sophie!Sophie is our brand new self love guru, and you can find her in our brand new audio and podcast content where she will be there to tackle taboo subjects, talk to you about things that maybe you don’t have someone else to talk to about, or just to give you that little push of motivation!Sophie has been a huge part of the brand new update to beyond. You can find new features including a mood journal, weekly planner, and diary, all designed to help you feel your happiest and most positive selves, so download the app today and take control of your wellbeing!

Growth is Here!

Our brand new guides bring the ultimate formula for you to become your strongest self...
Starting something new can be scary, trust me I know. But after the biggest change in my life and body recently, I have never appreciated being able to move my body more than I do right now, and that is why I am so excited to bring you my newest plan GROWTH

Designed to bring together all the knowledge I have gathered over the years, through this new programme I will be guiding you every step of the way over 8 weeks of advanced lifting workouts and brand new 'Sweat Sessions' .

This plan is like nothing we have done before, but over 2 months you will feel yourself getting to a stronger place than you have ever been. The Growth programme has been written to deliver progressive overload through a series of workouts that I guarantee you will actually enjoy, ensuring you see real progression over the 8 weeks!

So whatever you have been through, and whatever your goal is, join me for 8 weeks and commit to growth!

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What's included?

Workouts area

Our huge workouts area has all the content for you to find a method that works for you. With hundreds of individual workouts, designed for all levels, and to be done at home or in the gym we are committed to empowering you to take control of your fitness journey.

Community guides

Not only do we have one off workouts, but our guides library boasts over 20 individual workout programmes hand crafted by me, based on my own workout methodology. All designed with progressive overload, they are guaranteed to help you get closer to your goals, whether that's increasing your strength, or growing killer glutes. All our guides also have their very own dedicated community chat channel for you to support, and feel supported by our amazing community who inspire one another every day to move one step closer to achieving their fitness goals.

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Discover The Perfect Guide For Your Goal

NEW 30-Day Challenges,
Every Month

4 weeks is all it takes to fire up your transformation journey. That's why every month you'll receive NEW exclusive challenges designed to be the building blocks of your long-term transformation journey.

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Make working out, work for you

Track every rep, set, and session with beyond's unrivalled workout experience, designed to truly help you maximise your session and delvier true progress to help you shine from the inside out. Not only that but you have the freedom to switch up any exercise, and truly work out in the way that works for you.

Realtime classes

Looking for something a bit different? Our follow along classes offer live style videos, with one of our experienced trainers walking you through one of their tailored workout sessions every step of the way.

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Wellbeing & Community

The Beyond wellbeing area has everything you need to help you prioritise your mental as well as your physical health. You will also be a part of the exclusive Beyond community, supporting each other on their journey!

Expert mindset coaching in-app

The Beyond podcast

Self care audio

Wellness programs to develop an unshakable mindset

Join our thriving community, supporting one another with positivity and motivation!

Share your own recipes or workouts, join our Q&A's, see updates from Meggan!

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Let me introduce myself

I’m Meggan Grubb, and over the years I’ve helped over a MILLION women around the world, by giving them the tools to strengthen their body and mindset, and elevate their well-being, all from the comfort of their own home.

I’ve created a unique community of beautiful, strong women, where anyone who wants to achieve long-lasting fitness results and positive lifestyle habits can do so - united and supporting each other along the journey.

And so, Beyond was created, as a space to achieve all of that in one convenient, easy-to-use app.

I’ve poured my heart into giving you the closest experience to having me as your personal coach, right by your side to help you EVERY step of the way, because you deserve to change your life for the better!

Recipe library

The Good Bite has collaborated with Beyond for an exclusive library of wholesome food, ready to maximise your progress!

A meal library with 100’s of recipes for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner that you’ll NEVER get tired of trying

Full ingredient lists and step-by-step prep breakdowns so you can master every meal without any cooking experience!

1-1 Nutritional coaching that will help you achieve your body transformation goals faster with personalised plans for your needs.

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Avocado on Toast

Beyond Smoothie

Cajun Pasta Salad

Chicken Caeasar Flatbread

Fajita Chicken Rice Bake

Fajita Wrap

Chicken Pasta

Protein Rice Crispie Nests-3

Our community

Join our thriving community, supporting one another with positivity and motivation!

Share your own recipes or workouts, join our Q&A's, see updates from Meggan!

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Access The THRST Knowledge Library

Access The THRST Knowledge Library

Having workouts to follow is one thing. Knowing how to integrate fitness with your lifestyle is another. As a THRST App exclusive, you’ll receive access to our knowledge library with members-only content on lifestyle advice, training best practices, form perfection, nutrition and more.

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Have any questions?

Does the app work in every country?

Yes it does!

Can I download this on android?

Yes you can. The THRST app is available on iOS and Android devices.

I’m new to the gym, is this for me?

Answer: 100%! Each guide is personalised to YOU. Our app expertly formulates a plan catered to your goals, lifestyle and experience.

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See what the BURN Community has to say…

I’ve been following Rebecca for about 5 years but only became a member of the Burn app in January this year (2023) I have to say the best decision I could have made , the App is fabulous, monthly programs you can follow or you can pick your own workout, it tracks your workout and I absolutely love the mindset and meditation section, best workout App around , would 100% recommend this to anyone who is looking to start their fitness, nutrition and well-being journey or anyone who wants to step it up and get better results



This app is by far the best! and Iv tried a lot! it’s easy to navigate around and has everything you need to see results from as little as half an hour each day! Rebecca is super supportive and keeps you motivated each day with different workout which you can do anywhere anytime, I love it 💖🙌💪xxx



2nd edition to the Burn app family from the amazing Rebecca Louise.The new apps simple to use ,clean and fresh looking , fuss free and gives a punch with all the content available.We have a full month calendar of workouts & monthly challenges! Meditation, mindset, recipes and full library of old workouts available at a touch of a button. Plus you have access straight to the private Facebook community. The community is a safe space and full of cheerleaders to cheer you on in your health journey.I give 100/100 for Rebecca’s app to help change your life and health journey. Simply amazing



I love Rebecca Louise and this program! I started following the exercise app during Covid and have since joined the nutrition program which has really upped my game consistently losing weight each week and feeling so much stronger and more confident! Do yourself a favour a join this community!!!



Looking good is great. But being ready for anything’s even better.
Enjoy both with Bluee.

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